Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A day at the beach

We ran away to the beach yesterday afternoon...just because.

The weather was nice, so we just went for a walk after my work day was done. We found a washed up jellyfish, some shells, and lots of tire tracks from the lifeguard patrols. Cinderella is still terrified to even walk near the water, just like last year. Princess Leia is ready to get in the water, and saw one of her pals from surf camp last year. She is signed up again this year...maybe she will learn some better technique. I'm thinking she may get a starter surfboard for her birthday this year. She's been asking for one for quite a while...shhhh don't tell her :) Jedi boy enjoyed a jog back to the parking lot.

Then we went home and invited one of the grandmothers over for a simple dinner & board games. It turned out to be a nice time. I'm practicing that hospitality thing.
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Anonymous said...

The water is still a little cold for me. Brrrrr.

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