Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My great grandfather

I recently was given this photo of my great grandfather.

This was taken when he was a young man...I am not sure what year.
He was born in 1896 and died in 1989.
I was able to enjoy him for the first part of my life. He spoiled me rotten.
He used to drive around with me sitting out the window of his car. (I know, not good).
He encouraged me to act crazy.
He saved me from many, many spankings.
His old house (purchased and built in the early 1900's) is still in the family, and I go there sometimes, even though no one lives there.
He used to cook me breakfast when I slipped out of the house before my mom woke up.
He let me play with his hair (what little was left) while he watched wrasselin'.
I always read his farmers' almanacs.
I think this picture is pretty cool. It gave my grandma (his daughter) and I a good reason to remember out loud.
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Mommy B said...

I have something similar - there's nothing quite like the people you can't bring back.

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