Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mission minded Woman

I have decided to accept a position in my church as the director of the Women on Mission group. I previously taught 3 & 4 year old Sunday School. It is interesting to me see how the switch came about. I love kids. I am trained in Early Childhood Education. But, I seriously think my walk is suffering for need of adult time. I had thought about joining this group in the past, but never made time. Last summer, a gaggle of us gals would go out to dinner once a month, and that was a true Godsent thing. That group seems to have fallen off since everyone has crazy busy lives. Now, I felt a pressing need NOT to teach the 3 & 4's class again(this cycle). However, I want to serve my church, so I had been praying about where I should serve. This position needed filling. I feel that I am taking a huge step on faith...because this isn't something that I am accepting lightly. I know it could be a huge can of worms so to speak. But, I think there may be so many things that I can learn from the ladies in this organization. Who knew I'd jump in as a director???

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Apple said...

Not to ignore your post, that's great that you do what you do...but, why is it that we don't do girls' nite anymore.

You need to get on that Mrs. Director.

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