Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 2

I know I am not very timely in putting up new posts...but I am working harder on that. I want to find more thought-provoking topics...but I don't want to get into things that are too negative either. So, I guess I'll just keep writing about me! I'm so positive! :)

My darling grump made it safely to his destination. He is 4 hours time behind me. He usually does the 'wake-the-kids" morning routine, while I sleep in a little bit. So, while he is gone, I get to have that job. I made it up and got everyone out the door on time, and even cooked breakfast and finished the dishes before my clients arrived. That is pretty significant. Usually, the breakfast dishes get done somewhere around bedtime. 1 got started without too much issue! I did forget to send lunch money for the 6 year old, but they'll let him eat, and I can send the check tomorrow.

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