Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax deadline day

was yesterday! I work with kids, and love it...but another love of mine is numbers. They just make sense. I am the person that has to make sure her bank account is not off by even a penny. I HAVE to find out why, if there is a difference! Fortunately, the bank account is right on at the moment. But this year was my worst year so far for slackness on doing my taxes. I'm usually done and filed before the end of the first week in February. Not this year! It was late March for me this year. I have been pretty burdened with other obligations, and I didn't want to make careless mistakes from being too tired, so it was put off for quite a while. That was not a good feeling. I have resolved to keep closer track of paperwork throughout the year so that it is not so overwhelming to get done next time around! (plus, one of my businesses ended this past year, and won't be on 2008 forms, and that saves so much work!)
Now if only my schoolwork would get done before the end of the semester:)

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