Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday night rambling and thoughts is Saturday night, and I am home alone. Normally, I would love to take some time for me, crash on the couch or take a hot bubble bath. Not so. I am past many of the obligations I had to do...but now I am still stuck in the schoolwork rut. So much to do, and not too much time to get it all done.

Mr. Snippity took two of the kids to the movies. One other is with a friend. I could have gone with them, but I just have no desire to go spend that much money on a movie ticket these days. There are plenty of things on Netflix that I haven't seen yet, and plenty of other things for me to spend my money on!

Of course, it could be like one night recently. Sitting on the couch, using the Wii for watching Netflix. My hubby has the remote. I say, just pick something. I suggest a couple of titles that flash by...nothing. I think he looked for about 40 minutes before he finally to watch some action flick. It was crazy! I love to flip channels just as much as the next guy...but seriously pick a moie already!!! So, tonight...the Netflix is all mine! I do not think I will be doing any schoolwork, hahah!

Mr. Snippity has been working many nights lately at the second job...then had about 4 nights in a row off. I was just getting used to him being gone in the evenings and poof* he's back! It is nice to have him home...I am just surprised at how much of an adjustment it is....

I had the opportunity several times recently to be around kids that I was responsible for! I could get used to that again. Like today, I went shopping with one of my friends, and I even went to the Dollar Tree...and did NOT buy any toys! :) I guess now that my kiddos are getting older, they are more independent, and therefore do not need constant supervision...usually. I left Jedi girl home with Jedi boy while Cinderella was at an event with others. I am really lucky!

Then I realize, while I have some really amazing friends, we really do not get to spend much time together. I need to make time for that in the schedule...but I'm not optimistic about being able to actually do it any time soon. Oh, the life of a busy mother, wife, student, worker, etc...

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