Monday, November 8, 2010

HT super doubles

Ok, so I went grocery shopping on Saturday. It is super doubles week at Harris Teeter and one of my friends asked if I wanted to go. I haven't been using my coupons very much lately (I blame it on being too busy, silly me!). So, when I had the chance, I quickly scooped up a few coupon flyers and picked a few things. I did pretty good on that trip. Full price would have been about $175, My cost was $90. (Not bad, I thought...since I didn't have time to really plan the coupon deals, and I bought many things that didn't have coupons that were regular sales.). So then today, I had to go on another errand one block over from HT, I figured I would hit it up again.

So...the summary from today! All of the items pictured above, plus one box of oven bags not pictured would have been regular retail $98. I paid $42. All of this is stuff that will get used, and some of it was a bit of a the poptarts. I rarely buy them...but my kids adore them. I haven't had very good results with the make your own for $1.33 per box (after coupon), I think I did pretty decent deals. I even added in a few other items without coupons because I needed them (ranch dressing, for one!).

Now, I need to decide if it is worth the effort to make a special trip tomorrow to get more deals...25 minute drive makes it a I probably won't...but I do adore shopping at HT.

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