Monday, November 23, 2009

After the coupon guilt passed..

a little bit of redemption. (hee hee) coupon redemption, that is! I went to CVS and made a pretty good bargain, I think. I needed a foundation. I usually use Mary Kay foundation, but I couldn't pass up trying the Cover Girl deal at CVS. There was a special on Simply Ageless foundation and blush. buy one of each($13 and $10, $23 total), and you get $10 extrabucks. Not too shabby. But, when paired up with the buy one cover girl ageless foundation, get another cover girl face product free...I couldn't stop myself! I also had a $1.00 off any cover girl product coupon. Since I was 'buying' two products, I could use two coupons. Sweet, right?

So I checked out that transaction, then since I needed a few other things, I bought them using my extrabucks.

Here's what I got overall:
3 boxes kleenex (.99 each on sale, plus .50/3 coupon)
refill pads for princess leia's face washer (7.99 regular price, CVS coupon for $2.00 off)
tic tacs

all for 14.59. Regular retail price would have been over $40.
I think that was a pretty good deal.

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