Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random whatever *playing catch-up*

Ah, a *few* more days have gone by, with no blog posts to show for it. I guess you'll just have to take what you can get my friends :)

I had a wonderful birthday...complete with friends and food, etc... no cake though. I'm really not sure why. It's ok.

We had friends come in to stay "at the beach" for most of the week. We ate plenty of course. I even have a pretty decent tan happening. I hit the sand and surf quite a few times. I was actually able to go out and play in the ocean, since it was so calm and clear on one of the days. (I am usually a "pool" kind of gal!).

Speaking of pool, we now have our own above ground blue monstrosity. You know the kind! Really it is awesome to me, until I can save up for the huge in-ground complete with concrete deck & pool boy. It was a hand-me down from an aunt who wasn't going to use it. The water is still pretty cold...but my dear husband started filling it up on my birthday, while I was out playing around without a care in the world. It took it think about 3 days to get it full & the chemicals ready. Now I need to get an awesome raft to bask in the sun with my book & a soda...
I was 'on vacation' from my paying job, so I was able to play a good bit with my friends. I did have a couple of tasks like doctor & dentist appointments to get done, but otherwise, it was a 'whatever' kind of time.

It was a fun time, except I spent too much money on dining out. :(

Yesterday was my Granny's birthday (and my mother-in-law's). I made cake for the Granny, and we had a dinner at a family member's home. For my MIL...pretty much nothing. They don't seem to do the celebrations like my family does. At least Mr. Snippity called her!

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smartbutnotwise said...

I"m not real sure why you didn't get a cake either. I had full intentions of getting you one. I'm sorry 8o(

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