Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, so last week I lost one day. It seems like now I have lost almost a week! There has been nothing major going on, just the same old stuff. I've been trying to get some household tasks worked on, with minimal success. I get started on something, and then I am needed for something else, and my project gets shoved aside. I know, it's the Mom problem! I love my family very, very much. I do think they need to do a little more for themsleves rather than just rely on Mom to do it all. This isn't a new idea, but you'd think it was killing the fam!

It broke my heart this morning to send the Jedi bo off to school with such a rotten attitude. To him these days, school is "so boring!" Except on PE day. I'm told that he is fine once he gets there. These tough mornings are so hard on his mama's heart.

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Carol said...

I know exactly how you feel about the school thing. Peanut is the same way. She does great at school, but she hates going.

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