Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This past weekend marked a big milestone in our household. The oldest kiddo graduated high school.  It was not without drama.  There was some serious concern in the few weeks before the end of class about whether she would pass her math class or not.  It would come down to her grade on the final exam.  Fortunately, she squeaked by with a B on the exam, which was just enough to get credit. 

She had no classes on Friday, and used the time to help setup and decorate for her party.  Saturday morning dawned gray and cloudy, but turned into a beautiful sunny time for the ceremony.  The venue was packed with friends and family.  Mr. Snippity and Jedi boy rode their bikes to the park and got in line early to score good seats.  We were 4 rows from the front on the shady side of the audience. (Good Job, Mr. S!)  Teen had to be bussed from the school with all the other grads-to-be, so I dropped her off while I went to the church to take care of a few last minute party items.  I rode over to the theater, parked and was seated about 10 minutes before ceremony started.  Perfect timing, I think. 

The ceremony was short and sweet...with cheers ringing out for all the grads.  It was bittersweet to hear the band without my kid being in it, but sweet relief for me not to have to take her to band practice or fuss about homework. 

The party went well, and we were so blessed to have friends help setup and breakdown.  Not all our family was able to make it, but we enjoyed the ones that did.

So, without too much further commentary, here are the pics:
The Venue
Shaking hands with the important people
Mom and Grad
Pic display at the party

All our kids, Me & Mr.

Granny and Grad

The yummy chocolate cake with Hershey bar icing

Workplace recognition :)

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