Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music at McD's

This morning, I was splurging on a fast food breakfast for the kids(dollar menu!) It was a last minute decision since Jedi boy had some 'assessments' today. We get to McD's (the only fast food breakfast choice in my town). There are about 6 guys in line ahead of us. My kids go sit at a table and are waiting patiently (seriously!) and keeping the childcare baby happy. One of the guys in the line makes a comment to me about how good the kids are...(I know!?!?!? Right?) So we strike up the 'are you from around here' talk. (Since we live in a touristy area, we have this conversation often!) It turns out these guys are a Christian rock band and are filming a video on the sand dunes. I was chatting with their lead vocalist. Since the food service was kind of slow, we had plenty of time to converse. Long story short...he gave us one of his band's cd's. Once we were back in the car, we had time to listen to two songs before we got to the school. I like it!

I came home and looked them up online. It appears that this group is on the road to being a well known group...they've played with some big acts. You can check out the band for yourself...Love Like Gravity. I'm rocking out to their CD right now :)

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