Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There is much going on! I'm sure that is a universal feeling. This college semester has been a fun, yet demanding one. There were lots of special projects, done at the last moment of course! Tonight I will take my last final for the semester. That is a relief! I got an A in the project-full class. If I do well tonight & get 41 or more points out of 50, I will get an A in that class as well. At this point, I really don't care so much. I am willing to take a B if that is how it goes down.

Mission trip fundraising is in full swing. I'm not sure if I shared on here, but Princess Leia and I are going to Alaska to do mission work. The timing of this trip happens so that my eldest is going to miss the last week of school. She really is not disappointed about that! She is a little more sad about missing the 8th grade promotion ceremony, but she said the trip should make up for it! We will be assisting a small town church with VBS in the morning hours. In the afternoons, we will be helping a youth camp, by cleaning and making repairs to get it prepared for the summer campers. We will have a blast!

In order to get there, we are doing fundraisers. Lots of fundraisers! We have done a car wash, a bake sale, a yard sale, and are getting ready to host a breakfast at applebee's.

This past weekend I have rediscovered my love for geocaching. One of my old caching pals came into town, and we had a couple of cache runs. She even convinced me to go to an event with her. We did, and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately, she had to go back home. The good part is that I have passed the geo-bug on to a couple of other friends that are still local. Maybe our 2 families will find some time to adventure together!

Ok, so now that your eyes are tired of reading these ramblings, I'll stop. I'll make no promises of when the next blog post will be...but I am thinking soon!

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