Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog Jam

I keep coming up with ideas that I should blog...but I am not at a computer. Then, when I have computer time, I keep forgetting what it was! Sorry. There is a lot going on for me right now, and I don't always like to share the serious stuff...I want fun & happy to shine through on the blog, and not weigh anyone down with the difficulties of day-to-day life. I figure you all have enough of your own.

So, in my attempt to keep it light, and to let you laugh at me, I'll tell you about something I did recently.

I went to Walmart. Woo hoo, I can hear the excitement now! hahah! I did go...a couple of weeks ago. I was out of many pantry staples, and I also needed some fabric for a craft project. We have no other place to get the fabric I went. I was kind of trying to hurry, as shopping on Saturdays gets a little crazy due to the influx of vacationing families in our area. I bought a huge container of grape jam. I love jam because it spreads so easily. Went home, unpacked, and got on with my day.

The following week, I went to make pb&j for lunches. I realized I bought jelly instead. Now I have this five thousand serving size jar of jelly. It just is not the same. When all I wanted was jam :)

Any suggestions on how to use it up quick? I am too frugal to just get rid of it!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think that's one for Amy B...I can hear her brain wheels turning now. Come on, Amy, give us something good!


Mommy B said...

meatballs with the chili sauce/ragu/grape jelly combo is what I would do first and foremost - it's one of my favorite recipes

here's some links

smartbutnotwise said...

uhm eat lots of toast with grape jelly. make peanut butter and jelly cookies. i think there is a recipe for cocktail weenies that uses grape jelly

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